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Mass Man

When I say Mass Man, I am referring to an individual, whether male, female, flying spaghetti monster, or whatever, that is completely vested in the images cast upon Plato’s cave. The Mass Man has no clue it has fallen in love...

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Politicians, bureaucrats, officials, technocrats, and general busy-bodies – anyone convinced of their ability to know what’s best for you and society at large but unwilling to limit their actions to persuasion or...

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When I Say Capitalist

When I say capitalism, I mean free markets. I mean unfettered choice and competition that precludes only violence and fraud. I mean your capital is your property. So is the income from that capital. I mean that you are your own...

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When I Say Commie

When I say commie, I mean all forms of forced collectivism. I mean communists, Marxists, and socialists – including social democrats (looking at you Europe) and, of course national socialists (aka, Nazis). This is an important...

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