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Jeffry Turnmire

Jeffry Turnmire is the creator of proprietary trading systems including Echo Trades, which grew his family’s trading accounts to $1.4 million dollars. Besides his obsession with the markets, Jeffry’s a farmer, beekeeper, civil engineer, scout leader, and amateur pilot.

Scott Welsh

Scott Welsh has been a successful trader since 2004 and a popular trading instructor for several years. Scott was also a high-performance tennis coach from 1994-2018. He’s had extensive experience helping students start from scratch and progress to an elite level.

Micah Lamar

When the markets collapsed in 2008, options trader Micah Lamar turned his focus to creating his own advanced strategies – all with back-tested validation. His research and trading tools have helped over 50,000 traders, to date.

Guy Cohen

A trusted innovator in financial trading, Guy Cohen’s finance MBA from Cass Business school and extensive research has helped him to create tools for traders using options data. Guy is passionate about “unlocking the power of scarce information”. He’s the author of best-selling trading books and a trusted guide to private and professional traders alike.