When I Say Capitalist

by | Mar 24, 2023

When I say capitalism, I mean free markets. I mean unfettered choice and competition that precludes only violence and fraud. I mean your capital is your property. So is the income from that capital. I mean that you are your own capital. And that no one can lay a claim on you.

What I don’t mean by capitalism is the many ways capitalism has been corrupted.

I don’t mean laws that favor one form of capital over another. I don’t mean laws that favor corporate property over your property. I don’t mean legislation in the name of the “Greater Good.”

Capitalism, at least when I use it, doesn’t mean government/corporate collusion – i.e., corporatism, Mussolini’s preferred term for fascism – of which the ESG movement is just the latest commie spin.

So, when your nephew strolls in wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt or your sister follows Greta Thunberg’s lead and calls for the overthrow of “Oppressive Capitalism” you can start by asking them what they mean by capitalism.

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