It’s Official — Monday Reveal (3 FREE trades)

by | Jun 27, 2024

It’s official. After months of designing, building and beta testing his latest project with a group of his closest insiders…

Jeffry is set to pull back to the curtain and reveal his latest project to the public this coming Monday.

We’ve been sharing bits and pieces of information as they become available… But if you’ve missed it, here’s a recap:

One of the most powerful patterns Jeffry trades is the Market Roadmap Bounce.

Here’s a diagram he drew of how it works:

But here’s the important thing.

The US stock market has more than 6000 stocks in it.

How many stocks do you think you could manually look at on a daily basis while trying to spot the pattern above… before your eyes fall out?

If you were really, really fast… maybe 100… and keep in mind. That’s just looking for a pattern…

That’s NOT guaranteed to find a single stock that fits the bill!

With this in mind, Jeffry set out to find a better way. Rather than manually looking for stocks, he set out to train his computer to do all the hard work.

And a computer can work long and hard without getting tired.

In fact, it can scan all 6000+ stocks every single day without getting tired… or bored… or restless… or making a mistake.

And so Apollo was born…

A brand new, state of the art bot that constantly scans markets looking for high probability trades that have triggered Jeffry’s proprietary Market Roadmap bounce pattern.

As we said, word is that the official release will be Monday…

But we’re friends, right? So we figured we’d give you 3 of the most recent trades that Apollo alerted just this morning. (Thursday morning)

Click here to grab the PDF – no registration, no signup… Just click and get the 3 most recent trade alerts instantly.

If you want to hear more about Apollo and how you can continue getting its real time trade alerts, click here and register your spot for Monday’s big reveal!

— The Jeffry Turnmire Trading Team


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