Pulling the PINS

by | Apr 27, 2023

Everyone is predicting a huge fall in the stock market. 

The reason?

The market is up, but it’s only up because tech has been doing so well. 

Many stocks are still languishing. It’s tech that’s causing the gains.

Well, guess what?

Tech is the driver. 

And the driver just got more bullish.

Last night Meta Platforms, Inc. (META) reported earnings and knocked it out of the park. 

The economy is dragging but not META. 

And tech may be stronger than everyone thinks. 

If so, there’s more bullishness to come.

Unfortunately, unless we were already in META, we can’t really get involved now. It’s gone up too far.

But we’re near a great entry point for another stock in META’s sector, Pinterest (PINS)

The Internet Content group is one of the top ten hottest sectors right now and PINS is very close to breaking out. 

A break above $29.17 could lead to a big run.

META opened the door with a great earnings report. 

PINS might be next.

Happy trading,


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