Finally Some De-flation For Once…

by | May 23, 2024

After years of relentless price hikes, it seems like corporations might have finally realized they stretched consumers too thin.

With inflation squeezing budgets for nearly three years, many shoppers are now prioritizing essentials over discretionary items like clothing and electronics.

Target (TGT)’s recent weak earnings report underscores this shift.

The retailer announced significant price cuts on thousands of household staples such as milk, peanut butter, and diapers in an effort to win back budget-conscious shoppers.

Meanwhile, Walmart, which has consistently focused on value, reported strong earnings.

Walmart’s “rollbacks” and new low-cost grocery brand have attracted more shoppers, including higher-income households feeling the pinch of rising food prices — with possibly even some of those former Target shoppers among their ranks.

This trend isn’t just limited to retailers. Even fast-food giant McDonald’s is rolling out a limited-time $5 value meal, acknowledging that consumers are balking at the rising cost of dining out.

The big question remains: will these price cuts lead to a meaningful decrease in inflation, or are they just token gestures to lure customers back in the short term?

Only time will tell if this newfound “de-flation” will provide real relief for consumers or if it’s just a temporary strategy in a fiercely competitive market.

Target Stock

Meanwhile, our friend Jeffry Turnmire tells us that if TGT can stay above the current support level of between 133 and 140, the chart setup for the retailer now looks bullish, with a target (no pun intended!) as high as 230.

If those newly discounted items can start luring shoppers back, Target might just have blue skies ahead.

— The Prosperity Pub Team


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