Do You Have $3 Million Lying Around?

by | May 17, 2024

Do You Have $3 Million Lying Around?

Sometimes the elite are really out of touch with the lives and finances of regular, everyday folks.

So today I want to unpack something that Eddie Elfenbein, a finance blogger and ETF manager, posted to his 78,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter) recently:



Now, I really hope this was a joke. But I’m not quite sure given how far the divide has grown between the elite and everyday Americans.

First off, there is no 8% treasury bond. And users on X were quick to point that out. The current highest treasury bond is paying 5.377% for a two-month bond. Meanwhile, the highest yield on a longer-term bond is on the 20-year treasury at 4.555%.

But fact-checking aside, I don’t know many folks that just casually have $3 million lying around.

I think this illustrates how far the wealth gap has grown here in the US. And normal folks don’t get to play by the same rules as the ultra-rich.

For example, David Trone, a Democrat representing the state of Maryland in the US House of Representatives recently disclosed the largest political stock filing in history — even bigger than Nancy Pelosi.

He reported over $97 million in trades alone. And the best part?

Every single trade violated the Stock Act according to independent analysts.

Now, obviously, you or I are likely to end up in prison if we did the same thing…

But members of Congress typically don’t disclose their trades until they legally have to, and then pay tiny fines that don’t even make a dent in the massive profits they just made.

Now, I don’t just bring this up to tick you off…

My point here is that while you or I probably won’t be making $97M trades any time soon, we do have phenomenal opportunities in the stock market.

My goal — the entire reason I came out from behind the scenes — is to help level the playing field by showing you strategies I believe can work for regular people.

That’s why you will hear me so often talk about cutting down risk and targeting asymmetric opportunities even with a smaller account.

So whether you have $3 million laying around to put in a bond or not, I think you have a ton of opportunity in today’s stock market.

Speaking of, I am so excited for our Automated Options members who have put me to the test on this very idea.

We’re 3 for 3 using a strategy I don’t believe anyone else is! And some of the best feedback I have got so far is blowing me away.

  • Steve made a $675 profit on his first trade.
  • Dick made $600 on his first one.
  • Greg grabbed $228
  • Cindy made $504
  • Craig made $1,250 his very first time.
  • George with $312
  • Gerardo with $575
  • James with $600
  • Pearl made $1,034 on her first attempt
  • Richard one upped her with $1,094

If you guys and gals are reading this, WAY TO GO! So awesome.

And if you’re not part of Automated Options yet, what are you waiting for?

Join the fun here!

Have a great weekend,

— Nate Tucci


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