Contrarian thinking: “Something’s wrong when the market’s cutting rates…” — 30 Minutes of Awesome

by | Jan 31, 2024


MSFT, AMD, GOOG and more reported earnings. Plus the Fed announces on rates Wednesday afternoon.

Also on this week’s show:

  • @ 8:48 = “Something’s wrong when the market’s cutting rates… If they start cutting rates, it means we’re not in the good times anymore. It’s on the chart. It’s coming!

  • @ 11:07 – “One way or another it’s probably going to last a decade… Whenever the next crisis hits, it’s going to last 13 to 21 years.

  • @ 11:26 – Two likely targets for MSFT — and they’re in opposite directions. (key levels to watch for!)

  • @ 12:25 – AMD was overcooked… and then it reported earnings. Could it be headed back to $85?

  • @ 14:45 – AAPL‘s been pulling back. But the setup it’s showing could turn into a pop higher. Get Jeffry’s key levels.

  • @ 19;22 – Not much upside left in QQQ… it’s acting like it’s waiting for something (the Fed announcement?)

  • @ 48:33 – CRWD‘s exponential rise could turn into a retrace…

  • @49:13 – Even after laying off 12,000 employees, could UPS go even lower…?!

  • @53:50 – “I bought it at $30 and it’s probably going to go to $90. Could even hit $200…” — you’ll never guess the stock!

  • @54:50 – TSLA – could this gap down have been a bottom? Jeffry gives us a key entry level.

  • @ 58:55 – MSTR – currently at $526… Jeffry’s eyeing a rise up to $800! Get the key levels you need to know!

  • @ 1:01:15 – PLTR – “I’d be a buyer at $12.50” – The charts show this one’s headed lower.

  • @ 1:02:34 – IWM – “Looks like it wants to retrace back down” – Why Jeffry’s got $195 Puts on this small-cap ETF… and what his target price is.

  • @ 1:06:10 – SQ – “I really like this one… IF we get up above…” – Tune in for this key entry point and target price.

  • @ 1:09:30 – S5FI and NDFI – Why these market oscillators are warning of an impending market correction!

Plenty of opportunities to watch and dangers to be wary of. Watch the show to get it all!

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— The Jeffry Turnmire Trading Team

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