This One Might Go For A Nice Run… In Yoga Pants (LULU)

by | Jul 18, 2023

Ever since talk of a recession became prominent, retail has suffered. 

And those worrisome opinions have, not surprisingly, knocked down the retail stock sector over the past couple of years.

Even high-flying Lululemon (LULU) wasn’t immune.

From the end of 2021 to the start of 2023, LULU fell quite a bit. 

But 2023 has been different. 

First, after falling a bit more to start 2023, retail has come roaring back. 

Here’s the Retail ETF:

It’s been red-hot since June. A break above $67.50 could lead to excellent gains.

And LULU’s been hot, too. It’s risen from $288 to over $380 in the past few months:

A break above $389.05 could lead to a nice run. 

Possibly in yoga pants.

Happy trading,

— Scott Welsh

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