The Market May Be Stalled, But That Just Means Some Really Great Setups Are Forming (GRAB)

by | Sep 7, 2023

As the market becomes worried about inflation all over again, the bullishness has suffered.

Tech stocks have stalled. AI stocks have stalled. AAPL has stalled.

Most everything is taking a breather lately.

Which means some really great trades are setting up and getting ready for an explosion.

One of those could be GRAB (Grab Holdings).

GRAB is enticing on multiple levels.

Its sales are way up over last quarter.

So is GRAB’s EPS (Earnings Per Share).

And it’s shown excellent strength over the past few months.

This is a recipe for a nice move.

If GRAB breaks above $3.92, a move to $6 or $8 isn’t out of the question.

As long as the market stops its hand-wringing.


Happy trading,

— Scott Welsh

P.S. As a reminder, these plays are based on my longer-term Weinstein Stage Analysis method. The chart above uses weekly candles and a 30 week simple moving average. For details on this method, see my explanation on this Ask The Pros episode starting at timestamp 20:45.

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