Ready to Run

by | Feb 21, 2023

The market had a nice long weekend to get itself pumped up again but it overslept instead.

What are the experts saying?

A recession is back on the table. And a soft landing might have been very wishful thinking. 

What do we do when this happens?

You find the things that have fallen the least. If a sector has been red-hot and stocks in that sector are holding up, you might find a big winner when the market feels good again.

What’s hot right now?

Leisure and Gaming. 

After a horrifying few years, gambling and traveling are back in a big way. 

And what’s holding up during this recent slide?

Churchill Downs. 

CHDN gives us everything: horse racing, gambling, and entertainment. Who could want more than that?

And it’s now very close to a major breakout point. 

If it shoots above $249.35, one of the hottest stocks in one of the hottest sectors could be ready to run.

Happy trading,


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