Follow the Money

by | Feb 28, 2023

If you’re interested in making money, here’s a tip:

Go where the money is. 

If you have a $1,000 product, don’t sell it to a group that only has $100 to spend.

And if we’re interested in trading stocks that move, we need to go where the stocks are moving. 

In other words, we should probably be looking at the sectors that are moving the best and showing more strength than the overall market.

What’s one of those hot sectors?


And what are some hot Travel stocks?

How about BKNG (Booking Holdings)? Here’s the chart:

Since 2022, this stock has beaten the market by 30%. And while the market has been muted for a number of weeks, a break above $2681.45 could lead to a big move.

It’s pretty expensive, though. 

Are there any Travel stocks that are more affordable? 

Yes. Here’s TRIP (TripAdvisor):

While it hasn’t outperformed quite as much as BKNG, it’s still done slightly better than the market since 2022. 

Some bullish momentum and a break above $27.30 could lead to a nice run for TRIP.

When the market is stale, don’t settle for stale stocks.

To find the outperformers, we need to look at what’s moving. 

And Travel is a great place to look.

Happy trading,


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