Upstream Oil, Midstream Gas

by | Apr 12, 2023

Crisis creates opportunity. And the bank funding crisis has laid bare some massive opportunities in  regional banks.

On this week’s Roundtable Garrett Baldwin, Jack Carter and I discussed the deals cropping up among bank stocks, the risks you still need to keep in mind, and the earnings outlooks for what is certainly a challenged sector.

We also spent time talking about the Federal Reserve because it’s the elephant in the room that won’t leave and keeps relieving itself in the corner.

The markets are pricing in cuts by July. But the Roundtable crew all thought that the Fed could very well hold rates constant (after the upcoming decision in May) for most of the year.

Plust, Jack and Garret were both pretty keen on a couple of oil stocks and Garret had some great thoughts on how to play natural gas.

It was a great discussion with lots for you to walk away with.

So, check out the recording below and make sure you join us live, each week, at 11 a.m. ET for the Roundtable with Don Yocham!


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