Ignore the headlines for a moment

by | Mar 5, 2024

Tell me if you’ve heard any of these:

Invest in AI — you can’t go wrong!

“Energy is so bullish right now!”

“SMCI is going to the moon!“

More than likely, you’ve heard these things over and over again. They’re always focused on the latest “fad”…

In this line of business, that’s the bread and butter — the thing that traders always want to know about.

But today, I want to veer off that beaten path of “#1 trade of the moment” type of stuff.

Because sure, chasing the latest trend can be thrilling.

But what really gets my heart racing is investing with conviction.

When you strip away all the noise, all the talking heads, all the “hot stock of the moment” kind of stuff, you’re left with things that you really believe in.

And there’s only one right way to answer the question of where my conviction really is…

You guessed it: Where my money is.

The stocks, sectors and alternative assets I have the most personal liability in are clearly what I really believe in most. And the same is true for Lance, Graham and Geof who will join me during this week’s Publisher’s Roundtable session to discuss exactly that.

These are the kinds of plays that I don’t expect to pop tomorrow or next week. (although they very well might)

But their true potential is months and even years down the line. And it takes conviction to realize that potential.

Why conviction, you ask? Because when the market takes us on a roller coaster ride (and oh, it will), it’s our deep-seated convictions that keep us buckled in.

It’s about looking beyond the flashy headlines to ask the hard questions:

  • What are the forces propelling this stock higher?
  • Is this just a flash in the pan or something I can believe in for the long term?
  • How long can I plan to hold it?
  • Why should I pick this ticker instead of that ticker?

I think it’ll surprise you to learn that one of those assets that is BOTH getting flashy headlines right now… AND passes my “sniff test” for long term viability is Bitcoin (BTC).

I truly believe Bitcoin has potential to skyrocket over the next 2 years and beyond.

Now, full transparency, Bitcoin is not my #1 holding — you have to join the session live to get that — but it is in my top 3.

I won’t get into the details here… because I want to invite you to join me this Thursday @ 1pm Eastern for a sit-down conversation (including BTC and a handful of other tickers that I expect to pay off bigtime in the long term).

These picks aren’t about catching a wave — they’re about building a solid foundation for your portfolio.

You see, it’s easy to give you a “top stock” for a moment in time… And I think those can be great. And it’s typically what our readers are asking for and we want to deliver that!

But we rarely take a step back and ask a more fundamental question: What are you actually holding with conviction in your own portfolio?

And, like I said, it’s not just me.

I’ll be live with Lance Ippolio, Geof Smith and Graham Lindman as they reveal their highest-conviction, long-term plays.

Plus, if you click here and register your email and cell phone number, I’ll send you a report with a few more tickers that are in at least one of our top 3 holdings!

This is about laying down the groundwork for a solid portfolio, and we’re excited to share these insights with you.

See you on Thursday.

— Nate Tucci

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