Unleashing the Power of Bitcoin

by | Apr 6, 2022

I know, crypto can seem intimidating. 

To look at it is to see nothing more than computational abstractions plus some prices on an app. 

It’s entirely virtual, besides some servers, often leaving a lot to your imagination. 

However, find a way to make it real and you leave less to fantasy and more for your reason to deal with. 

I personally found blockchain explorers incredibly helpful in the early days. You can dig into each block, each transaction, even find yourself on the blockchain provided you know your private key. 

In short, you can watch Bitcoin blockchain get built right in front of your very eyes. 

But hang on…I hear you. You’re saying “Don, we’re well into the 21st Century. That explorer is neat, but shouldn’t there be some cool, virtual, visual, 3-D assault on the senses that makes crypto as real as a ham sandwich?” 

And I’m saying, “Yes there is. And I’ll go one better than a ham sandwich. Head on over to transaction street and I’ll show you crypto as real as South Park.” 

Can You Tell Me How to Get to Transaction Street? 

Just click on the green launch button you see once you go here(When you do, you’ll more fully understand the explanation below)

You’ll see the entry ramp to the Ethereum blockchain to the left, and the ramp to Bitcoin to the right. (Well, they are really exits from an unsustainable system, but I digress…)

All the little South Park kids crossing the sidewalk are transactions heading for the blockchain. On the Ethereum side, you can see Ethereum neighborhoods giving rise to the transactions. On the Bitcoin side, you just have the Lightning Network and a vast field of nodes sending transactions directly to transaction street. 

The busses are future blocks. The kids that paid enough for a ticket go past the yellow barrier, and pile on their bus as fast as they can. Once confirmed they all fit, the bus heads on out as the next block in the blockchain. 

Ethereum street has a lot more activity. The kids back up behind the barrier on the sidewalk faster than the buses can head out. That’s because of the ecosystem Ethereum has built around it — an ecosystem that acted as a sandbox for crypto start-up projects to launch smart contracts and get to work, giving rise to a lot more kids. 

Bitcoin street doesn’t have smart contracts built into its code. There’s just the single, Lightning Network quietly biding time. Plus, the mining process is much slower, with fewer busses leaving less frequently. 

But with Bitcoin’s latest Taproot upgrade, most of those kids won’t have to take the bus anyway. 

And that helps the Lightning Network unleash the power of Bitcoin.  

TARO as in Root, Not Card 

The TARO protocol, or Taproot Asset Representation Overlay, brings smart contracts to Bitcoin, but using an entirely different approach than Ethereum. 

Rather than hardwiring smart contracts into the Bitcoin blockchain, TARO operates on sidechains. These run independently, netting transactions between parties far more quickly and cheaply. Only when they need to settle up, do those sidechains send kids to Bitcoin street. 

So, the net effect is scale without sacrificing Bitcoin’s decentralization and security. The Bitcoin blockchain doesn’t come under more pressure as the ecosystem grows because most economic transactions don’t really need to be there. 

It’s like only cashing out your chips at the casino at the end of the night instead of after every hand. You and the dealer can manage the chips vs. cash exchange at the table. Only when you’re done do you head to the cashier window with your chips. 

And the long-term implications of this type of functionality for the Bitcoin ecosystem — and the entire CryptoVerse — can’t be understated. Bitcoin is left to being all it ever needs to be — money — while businesses will build on sidechains, only heading to the Bitcoin bank to deposit or withdraw money when necessary. 

But there’s a more immediate, more consequential scalability upgrade underway. One that delivers a real, live economy custom-built for the 21st Century. 

It bashes through every single one of crypto’s current roadblocks. 

It makes it enormously cheaper to figure out who belongs on the bus. 

It lowers the cost of getting a ticket. 

It speeds up how fast those busses move onto the blockchain. 

In short, it puts crypto in position to scale massively. 

And to put you in a position to profit from this historic economy-building upgrade, I’ve got something special that I think you want to see. 

Crypto’s Great Leap Forward 

Scalability is taking crypto into prime time. 

The adoption curve is about to go parabolic. Not because of trading, mind you. But because of real, profit-oriented, businesses solving customer needs. 

Now, that business may be a few lines of code and the customer virtual, but it’s real business. 

This self-reinforcing activity will turn crypto into a $100 trillion economy. And trust me when I say this… you want to own today the biggest contributors to that oncoming epic move

For the past few months, (or…decade really), I’ve been working on a special project to help you take full advantage of this historic shift. 

It goes live tomorrow. And I want you to be there

To join me, drop your e-mail here. We’ll make sure to reserve your spot. 

I hope to see you. Because once the migration from Fiat World to CryptoVerse begins, you’ll be glad you’re there to welcome it. 

Think Free. Be Free.

— Don

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