The Only Moral Imperative

by | Apr 6, 2023

I thought I’d keep it light with something poetical rather than political.

Radical self-determination is a thing with me.

No matter how slight the effect our actions have on the course of our lives, the choice to act lies solely with each of us – just like Jesus chose the cross (which you could say had a big effect).

In fact, I say that to choose for yourself is the only moral imperative.

Now, what I have for you is not a poem, per se. Instead, think of it more as a rhetorical kick in the nuts to those determinists who consider humans to be nothing more than meat sacks pushed around by atoms, deny free will, and end up being commie shills because you need the state when you have no self.

Oh…I guess it is political.

In any case, I hope you enjoy it.

Willful Flea

We are but willful fleas tossed about in a sea of chaos

Windswept, rain battered, flooded boots

Destiny’s charge overwhelms

While fortune tempts – one fleeting glance at a time.

Onward we charge through time and circumstance

Favor rising and falling at conditions edge.

Wind and wave shall have their way

But a willful flea still has a say.

This is no clock, this life of ours

Choice falling in line like dominos

Motion set in place eons ago

Unfold contingent on a mind’s plan.

We stir the tempest, ease her wrath,

Her course veers of the plot

The end plays through a changing tune

To what the Will of Man has wrought.

Think Free. Be Free.

WRITTEN BY<br>Don Yocham

Don Yocham

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