Open Windows and Warm Apple Pie

by | Apr 18, 2022

“I wanna be all open windows and warm apple pie.” Taylor Kingman – Wannabe

Any day you can prop up the windows and leave the doors open is a good day.

Today is one of those days. Though a lawn badly in need of mowing keeps staring at me through the window.

A breeze is also drifting through. And through the mix of it all, I feel the joy of simple pleasures.

Simple pleasures are like salt on a pavement frozen with concern.

And for anyone not absorbed in simple pleasures, concerns certainly abound:

  • Supply Chain Issues
  • Red-Hot Real Estate
  • Inflation Spiraling Out of Control
  • Accelerated Rate Hikes
  • Rising Global Tensions & War

Well, those concerns lie at the end of the New Normal Road.

We’re there. And markets will never look the same.

A New, New (ick…so cliché) Normal

You’ve all heard the phrase “New Normal.”

It’s been used, abused, reformatted, and now even sells a new pharmaceutical drug.

It’s like when the press jumped all over “black swan.” Not a single reporter or pundit understood what type of scenario Nassim Taleb meant for “black swan” to describe. They then usually confirmed my suspicion by using “white swan” to describe some surprise deemed fortunate. (I’ll save the distinction for another day.)

And I remember when former CIO of PIMCO Mohammed El-Erian first uttered “New Normal” in the press. That was the start of this now cliché term. And it caught on because Mr. El Erian always had a knack for compressing complex ideas into simple sound bites.

The complex idea behind the New Normal was that, during the Great Financial Crisis, the Fed went from basically one tool in its toolbox – the Federal Funds rate – to tools like emergency swap lines and what we now know as quantitative easing. Using these tools, the Federal Reserve flooded the system with money. And the New Normal described the approaching era of economic dependence on their largesse.

We are now where the New Normal Road was inevitably leading us the whole time – a Great Financial Reckoning.

The exorbitant privilege of the world’s leading reserve currency has been abused, fracturing the global dollar-denominated payments bloc. Confidence slips. Trust fails. And free-market forms of money like Bitcoin present yet one more challenger seeking to underthrow the empire of the dollar.

I wanna talk to you about The Reckoning at end of the New Normal Road. I wanna explore the unprecedented market transformation it is bringing about. I wanna show you my method for trading my way through that transformation.

And I wanna do so this week during a live webinar.

There’s a lot of ground to cover. And the webinar will give us plenty of space to cover The Reckoning thoroughly.

So, keep an eye on your inbox for the when and where of the whole thing. Or maybe check out my Telegram group. You are free to join at any time. Anyone can join — no charge. Along with providing updates on my upcoming Reckoning event, I also jump in the channel quite a bit to share what the markets are telling me with the group.

Whatever way you find out about it, I truly hope to see you there.

Because I want you to enjoy those “all open windows and warm apple pie” days, no matter what the Reckoning brings.

Think Free. Be Free.

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