One Big ‘Ism

by | Jan 14, 2023


Words form weapons of thought. 

Wield them well and you either liberate thought or enslave it. Wield them poorly and, well, let’s just say your thoughts don’t occupy the high ground on the battlefield of ideas. 

In George Orwell’s book 1984, the use of language to control thought was central to the plot. Newspeak agents created a language limited in vocabulary and grammar, making it difficult for people to express dissenting thoughts or ideas. And a population that can’t express dissent can’t challenge authority. 

The result is a woke mob. 

Now, it’s not hard to see weaponized words trapping the minds of men and women today. “Climate-deniers”, “anti-maskers”, and “insurrectionists” provide just a sampling of pro-conformity, anti-critical thought mortars assaulting our minds constantly. 

Not to mention that being a liberal has nothing to do with liberty, a progressive doesn’t represent progress, and SJWs twists justice into a vicious, jealous hag. 

Orwell also pointed out what makes Newspeak so powerful. They contain inherent contradictions. They are packed tight with “doublethink.” 

And when all other labels fail to intimidate dissent, the mob can always drop the F-bomb of contradictions… 

Pot Calling the Kettle Black 

That F-bomb is “fascist.” 

They throw it at capitalists. They throw it at libertarians. They throw it at anyone whose mere existence threatens their worldview. 

As we all know, liberal, progressive SJWs constitute the latest breed of socialists. And while the truly dedicated among them have chosen “anti-fascist” as their battle cry, the only time their F-bomb hits home is when they lob it over the fence at white nationalists – a.k.a. the Right Wing. 

But therein lies the contradiction. Fascism is socialism. For left wingers to call fascists right wingers only makes sense when you see them all as wings of the same commie bird. 

And here’s my proof. 

A Quick Refresher on Fascism 

Fascism took its name from the fasces – a symbol of ancient Rome. Its elements were a bundle of wooden rods bound together around an axe. The rods represented the people. The axe represented the power of the state.

Fast forward a couple of millennia and Italian socialists – with a wink and a nod to the Roman Republic’s strength, unity and power – appropriated their own culture (the horror) to curse the planet with a new ‘ism – Fascism. 

Fascism emerged as a political ideology in the early 20th century, primarily in Italy and later in Germany and other parts of Europe. It was characterized by extreme nationalism, authoritarianism, militarism, and suppression of political opposition. 

Benito Mussolini, not happy with how European socialists practiced forced collectivism, formed the National Fascist Party. In 1922, Mussolini and his followers literally marched on Rome (perhaps the first time Rome was invaded from within) and took control of the government with the backing of the Italian king. The dictatorship that followed claimed to champion Italian nationalism, militarism, and the suppression of political opposition. 

Hitler followed with the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP). His dictatorship also claimed to champion German nationalism, militarism, and the suppression of political opposition. 

That vile ideology quickly spread through Europe, sucking in Spain, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and even spread as far as Japan. And so long as we’re calling out countries that succumbed to fascism, when China opened up its economy, it didn’t adopt capitalism, it simply hopped over the fascist fence. 

But, as I’ve said before, all these ‘isms – whether Marxism, communism, socialism, or fascism –simply represent different ways to brand the same philosophy of death

A Dung Heap by Any Name Smells Like Crap 

The secret to these ‘isms success lies in finding something around which to create division, label one side victims and criticize the other as oppressors (a.k.a. – “Critical” in Critical Race Theory). 

Whether the dividing line is capital, gender, or race, fall on the wrong side of the line and your unfair advantage violates justice. You become the oppressor. And where these oppressions intersect, heaven help the poor soul who finds themselves on the wrong side of all lines. 

For the fascist, that line was nationality versus other nationalities buttressed by truly ignorant notions of race. 

But fascism was just branding. It was the sizzle. The steak – the essence – according to Mussolini was “corporatism.” Fascism was not just a political movement, but also a social and economic system that emphasized the importance of labor and the role of the state in shaping the economy. According to Mussolini, the goal of fascism was to create a new economic system that would be based on cooperation between different classes and groups, rather than competition. 

Which smells a lot like “Stakeholder Capitalism” to me… 

Mussolini believed that traditional capitalism, with its emphasis on competition and individualism, was the root cause of many of the social and economic problems of the time, such as poverty, inequality, and unemployment. He argued that fascism would replace capitalism with a new economic system based on cooperation rather than competition. He called this new system “corporatism,” which he defined as “the organization of the nation on the basis of economic function.” 

As I said, fascists are socialists. 

Now, I honestly have no idea why communists and fascists hate each other. They end up in the exact same place on the exact same road. Though, I guess fascists are more honest about how they intend to get what they want whereas communists prefer to believe the lie. 

Anywho…like all forced collectivists, Mussolini proposed that the state would play a central role in organizing the economy and work closely with labor unions, employers’ associations, and other groups to create a new economic order that would be based on cooperation and mutual interests. Under this system, the state would regulate the economy and ensure that the rights and interests of workers, employers, and other groups were protected. 

Call Mussolini the OG of Social Justice Warriors. 

And now that we’re clear on who the real fascists are let’s turn our attention to that annual fascist confab starting next week in Davos. 

When They Say Cooperation, They Really Mean Force 

When Klaus Schwab, the top pinhead of the World Economic Forum speaks about the importance of government and corporate cooperation in achieving sustainable development and addressing global challenges, he means corporatism. 

When he says “the public sector and the private sector must work together to achieve the common goal of sustainable development,” or “business and government leaders must work together to address the pressing issues of our time,” he really means organizing the world under the banner of a highly centralized economic system. 

That’s what Herr Klaus means by a New World Order. 

Unfortunately, you see this fascist world order reaching deeper and deeper into the good ‘ole U.S.A. 

Between the stakeholder capitalism now buried in the ESG movement, the semi-conductor subsidies Biden recently baked into law alongside the long-standing subsidies for agricultural products and industry, the decades of militarism that subsidized oil and auto industries and defended the petrodollar – I could go on and on – it’s not hard to see how the U.S. keeps leaning closer and closer to fascism under the guise of the greater good. 

Can it last? Of course not. Italy, Germany, Russia and all the rest have proven that, and China will soon prove it again. But efforts to advance this new order and counter efforts to strangle it will only heap more disruption on an already fragile, unstable system. 

To think your way through it, you need to find high ground.

Think Free, Be Free.

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