My Macro Bear Case

by | May 13, 2022

The meddlers are at it again. 

The “money-on-demand” stock market sugar rush is now a sugar crash. And you can thank the Fed’s spectacular mismanagement for inflation rates we haven’t seen for over 40 years… 

Though you can’t tell them that. 

Today, stuck in the corner they spent the last ten years painting themselves into, the Federal Reserve is desperately grasping for a way out. And the only solution that bodes well for stocks in the near-term, risks turning inflation into hyperinflation (which will keep them tapping the brakes for a while)

The financial market scene is littered with many more signs pointing toward what I believe to be a strong bear case for markets. 

But I’m doing today’s update a little different. 

What I’ve got to say would take several pages to explain. So, instead, I’ve made a video for you all. 

Click below to watch it now:  Wherein I spell out my case for a bear market.

Take what the markets give you. 

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