Million Dollar Pattern?

by | May 9, 2024

This is the second article in a series based on a crash pattern Jeffry is seeing on the IWM chart. Click here for the second article in the series.


On yesterday’s Morning Monster, Jeffry talked about a pattern developing on the Russell 2000 (IWM) eerily similar to what happened during Covid.

If you’ve ever heard Jeffry talk about the time he made $1,000,000 during Covid, it’s because of this pattern here:

He explained that the pattern starts with a drop below his proprietary Roadmap Line, which is the yellow “cloud” on the chart above.

Next, the price returns up to dance around the yellow cloud, eventually popping up and making a high.

At that point, it comes down to touch the Roadmap Line, goes back up to make a lower high than the first…

And then… well you can see for yourself. A big Covid crash.

Let’s compare that to the pattern he sees developing right now:

On the current pattern above, you can see the drop below the Roadmap Line, then the dance around it, then the pop to a first high, followed by a test of the Roadmap line and a lower high.

The pattern is not exactly the same, but it’s close enough that Jeffry’s got his ear to the ground.

For now, there’s nothing to be done. Don’t go shorting the IWM — yet.

The trigger, Jeffry tells us, is if and when the IWM drops below the daily Roadmap Line. It’s a bit of a moving target, but that’s currently roughly at the 195 level.

Check out Jeffry’s full commentary on yesterday’s Morning Monster @ 22:00.

— The Prosperity Pub Team

P.S. If you don’t have the Roadmap Line line, you can grab it here for just $5 — plus you’ll get access to some of Jeffry’s private Discord channels… A perfect place to keep tabs on what’s going on with IWM.

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