Keep Calm And Carry On… (No Matter What The Fed Does)

by | Jul 26, 2023

By the time you read this, the Fed will have announced a quarter-point rate hike at their 2pm Eastern press conference.…

Or maybe they decided to hold the line and forego an increase…

Or maybe they went with a half point hike…

Whatever they do — the point is that it doesn’t matter.

Jeffry has always taught us that “the news doesn’t make the charts”.

Like this bit of wisdom he posted in Discord a few weeks ago:

If you’ve ever seen him draw an arrow on a chart, only to then watch as the market hits that level months later…

You know that he isn’t blowing smoke.

For instance, take these arrows that he drew in mid-January, as the SPX sat at around 4000:

For comparison, here’s what actually happened with the SPX:

Look familiar? It should.

He was pretty much spot on.

And remember — this wasn’t just blind luck.

Between January and now, lots of news “should” have sent markets careening downwards:

  • The Fed has raised rates several times…
  • China’s economy missed growth forecasts…
  • We had several HUGE bank failures…
  • And more…

So if you panicked about today’s potential Fed rate hike…

First of all, as Jeffry always tells us — you took too large of a position. Back off and only trade with money you can afford to lose.

But secondly, relax… because the Fed can thrash all they want.

Or they can suspend rate hikes.

Or they can do something completely unexpected.

It doesn’t matter — because the ultimate truth in the market is price.

And no news can push that around if it wasn’t already headed there anyway.

May the markets be ever in your favor,

— The Prosperity Pub Team

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