Jeffry’s Huge 18X Winner With BOOT

by | Aug 3, 2023

Jeffry — and anyone else in his Discord channel who took this play have something big to celebrate today.

They’ve just scored a huge 1800% winner on stock ticker BOOT.

It started back in May when Jeffry called out the play in his Discord:

Jeffry's BOOT synthetic position

That’s back when the chart looked like this… and BOOT had been in a 4 month slump.

Chart showing where Jeffry called BOOT in May 2023 and how far up it has gone since then.

We even covered it in these pages back on June 30th when the stock was at about $85.

After reporting earnings yesterday, BOOT spiked up dramatically overnight and continued throughout the day…

Allowing Jeffry and followers who took action to lock in some well-deserved gains.

Based on the specific time and position that Jeffry took, he logged an 1800% gain:

Jeffry's announcement in his Discord channel closing the position at at 1800% gain.

And his Discord followers chimed in with their own experiences:

Jeffry's followers chiming in with their own experiences.

Remember, not every trade is going to be a winner. So you never want to bet the house.

But Jeffry does seem to have some uncanny ability to read the charts, so it does pay to listen to what he says.

Even so, he’s not perfect. Look what he said on June 30th:

Jeffry's not perfect. Here he is saying it could take into 2024 to get to the level it hit today.

Even though he had November options, he said it could take several more months to hit his target.

A good reminder that as accurate as Jeffry is, he’s not infallible.

If you want to see Discord alerts like the one above as soon as Jeffry posts them, you can get 3 months access for just $5 by clicking here:


Enjoy and trade safe!

— The Prosperity Pub Team

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