Gold Recap: It’s Almost Time

by | Apr 19, 2024

Over the past week we’ve been pulling back the curtain on the recent surge in gold prices.

Part 1 dove into the history, explaining how the dollar’s decline since going off the gold standard in 1971 is a major factor. We learned that gold can be a hedge against inflation, but inflation itself can also play a complex role in gold prices.

Part 2 explored the idea that gold may not be at an all-time high when adjusted for inflation. It also highlighted the potential for significant growth as investor allocation increases, suggesting we might be in the early stages of a much larger gold bull run.

Part 3 tackled inflation from another angle, revealing a hidden opportunity for gold. With the dollar’s value continuing to erode, gold’s potential for future growth becomes even more intriguing.

We even got a sneak peek at a promising gold mining company stock pick from Jeffry, who seems to have a knack for sniffing out these opportunities. (that was in Part 3 in case you missed it. The play is still valid.)

By now, you hopefully have a firmer grasp on the forces driving gold prices and why it may be a very good time to consider trading this unique asset.

With the right strategy, the coming gold rush can be a huge opportunity for savvy investors.

Speaking of strategy, Jeffry’s been hinting at a brand new approach he calls his “weekend gold rush.”

It’s a weekly trading strategy specifically designed to capitalize on these gold market movements, entering on Wednesdays and exiting on Mondays. (no long term buy-and-hold!)

A small, elite group of Jeffry’s inner circle members have been beta testing this strategy with stellar results.

And it’s almost time for him to FINALLY share this with the general public for the first time ever. Go register your spot here to join him Monday, April 22nd @ 2pm Eastern.

Get ready to unlock the potential of gold alongside Jeffry!

— The Jeffry Turnmire Trading Team

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