Don’t Bend the Knee to Markets

by | May 20, 2022

The stock market is not something to believe in.

It’s not worthy of your credulous faith. You don’t genuflect as it approaches in hopes it will continue to show you favor by rising reliably higher. Hope does not factor into its behavior.

Good Lordy, we are not meant to worship the Lord God Stock Market.

The stock market is just an effect.

The cause is the emotions and reasoning of millions of individuals, banks and brokers, and manipulations by governments and central banks.

And, right now, those emotions are beginning to smell like fear. And with the massive gap between what the Fed needs to do to fight inflation and what it can do to not absolutely crush growth… well, there could be good reason behind that fear.

Observing those causes in action and finding ways to profit from the effects is what we do over in the 21st Century Wealth Society. And each Friday my subscribers and I sit down and review what worked, what didn’t, and what we reason will work going forward.

We had a lot to cover today given a market leaning more and more bearish each day. One that I’m glad we’re short. And I thought I’d share today’s discussion with you. You can see how we work, what stocks my members want to know about, and maybe pick up a couple of tricks that could help your trading.

So, give it a listen and, if you feel like joining the group, just click here to get yourself all signed up.

Take What the Market Gives You 

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