Opportunity Amid the Volatility

by | Apr 23, 2024

Volatility Can Present Us Some Great Profit Opportunities

It’s no secret that the market has presented quite a bit of volatility recently. Companies (like Netflix) are posting record breaking earnings yet share prices are falling, a month ago the S&P 500 reached a new record high, and since then it’s been declining (at least until today.)

Volatility is everywhere. We live in uncertain times in an uncertain world.

But if we know how to play in an arena strife with volatility, we can make some fantastic trades (and some fantastic returns.)

So, if you are worried about the fear and volatility we’ve been seeing in the markets lately, then this is for you. Because what I’m talking about today is a direct solution for the volatility in the markets.

Let’s Look Back

Back in 2022, we had an extremely volatile market. But the year was mostly characterized by what we would consider a bearish market. Nearly every sector of the stock market saw substantial losses.

Yet our Automated Options Trading Strategy had a 76% win rate even though the data goes right through the teeth of the 2022 market.

The strategy I am deploying has a very unique set of options that don’t rely on big bullish moves where a stock needs to finish higher…

That’s because all I need for my trade to pay out is a move of around 1-2% at ANY point within the two weeks after we make our trade — meaning the stock can go up, down, or nowhere over that two week period…

But as long as we get at least one of those jumps at any point during that time period then I should be able to see the profit locked in automatically by my account.

And that’s actually the coolest part…

I don’t need to know when that jump is going to happen… I can just set up the trade and then go about my business…

And any time that the volatility I need occurs, the broker will lock in the opportunity for me.

What we’re doing here is flipping the options buying process on its head. Most people struggle because they try to time options, avoid time decay, volatility, etc.

But the way we are conducting these trades, we have the opportunity to make money without really needing to be “right.”

That’s why I’d love for you to join me by clicking right here and attending my live presentation on Wednesday @ 1pm ET.

— Nate Tucci

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