The Disruptive Power of Choice

by | Oct 1, 2021

Prosperity grows from the bottom up. 

It starts with the choices of individuals striving to make the most of what they have, day by day. 

Sometimes those choices are small like hustling on a side gig to earn some extra cash for that vacation they’ve put off. Other times those choices lead to breakthrough ideas that redefine how we live our lives. Or, like you, those choices include making trades and investments that work for you. 

Ultimately, the more freedom we all exercise in the choices we make, the greater likelihood that prosperity triumphs. 

Indeed, the freedom to act in our own best interest creates a powerful incentive to succeed. It lies at the heart of discovery. It propels each subsequent wave of innovation higher than the previous. 

And as the circle of technology expands its reach, so too does the perimeter of what’s possible. 

And it’s along that expanding perimeter of possibility where true fortunes get built, provided you come to grips with the true nature of innovation. 

The Other Side of the Innovation Coin 

Innovation inevitably leads to disruption. 

Consider them two sides of the same coin. 

And the exponential leaps in innovation coming down the pike over the next decade will drive massive disruption in its wake. With one innovation in particular benefitting directly from this disruption because it incentivizes new orders to emerge. 

But unlike the centralized order of the past, these new orders will be highly decentralized. 

And the innovation I’m talking about is crypto. 

Decentralized Authority 

Now, I don’t have the space here to launch into a primer crypto. We’ll work through that over time. 

For today, I just want us thinking about its potential. And all you need to know for now is that crypto blockchains like Ethereum are entirely based on the ability to launch something called a smart contract. And, once Bitcoin undergoes its Taproot upgrade, smart contracts will be coming to the Bitcoin blockchain as well. 

Smart contracts powered by crypto blockchains provide a framework for new organizing principles. It allows for new types of corporations, new types of value creation, and even totally new forms of government. 

A smart contract can even link itself with real world assets through asset backed tokens. 

Now, many applications of smart contracts aren’t ready for prime time. But asset backed tokens are here and they work. 

And one that I think you should own today is PAX Gold. 

You can find it on the Gemini crypto exchange ( under the symbol PAXG. 

Each PAXG token is backed by an ounce of gold. The gold is held in vaults and is audited monthly, with the auditor’s report published on the site. 

And by buying it on a regulated exchange like Gemini (it’s set up as a trust company and regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services) you don’t have to worry about the complexity of owning your own crypto keys. 

Of the many things that crypto has the potential to disrupt, one of the biggest is surely the dollar-based monetary system. 

Gold is a natural beneficiary of that disruption. And buy owning it through a smart contract like PAX Gold, you not only benefit from owning gold, but also take a small, easy step into the incredibly disruptive world of crypto. 

Which is a choice we’re all still free to make. 

WRITTEN BY<br>Ileana Wolfort

Ileana Wolfort

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