The Signals Are All There: Companies Prepare For A Slowing Economy – Don’s Daily Brief

by | Nov 9, 2022

Looks like Trump canceled the Red Wave. But gridlock still looks possible.

META (formerly Facebook) laid off 11,000 people. Almost like they’re planning for a slowing economy

Meanwhile, Fedex and shipping giant Maersk believe global shipping is heading for the rocks

The signs for a recession are all there if you are paying attention.

Also in the news: Bitcoin is getting slammed by the end of yield farming Ponzi.

Pro tip: If it wasn’t obvious to you that crypto yield farming was a Ponzi, you should stay out of crypto. Their tactics were no different than what Bitconnect did back in 2017.

And if you’re looking for a hot crypto tip: I called Bitcoin $10,000 back in May. We’ll see if it gets there. (it’s certainly been trending that way all year)

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