This Artificial Intelligence Pick Has Come Up Too Fast. (Short Opportunity) — Don’s Daily Brief

by | Feb 6, 2023

Quick question: Who had natural gas at $2.43 in the middle of winter?

We were like $9 or something last year.

Yeah, I didn’t have that and I bet nobody else did either.

That’s quite a testament to the unexpected.

I got another one for you:
Who had, we would all have access to our own Ai that we can ask any question and get a better than grad school level response in about 60 seconds?

I didn’t I didn’t have that one. Did you?

ChatGPT has certainly changed people’s perception on just what kind of work computers could start to take over.

And I know a lot of writers and analysts and researchers are probably pretty nervous right now because it looks like they’re coming for those jobs first.

► With that, I got a short for you. It’s in the artificial intelligence space. It’s come up a little bit too far, certainly with all this hubbub around ChatGPT.

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