A Man in the Mix: My Conversation with Indranil Ghosh

by | Oct 20, 2021

Disruption has many faces. 

An ugly side, which I shared with you last week, boils down to fiat money as a tool for concentrating political power. 

Through mandates and malinvestment, the corruption of the U.S. dollar accelerates its decline. And in my next post, I’ll break down the third M of malignant money – Money for Nothing – that I promised last week. 

But disruption has a beautiful side – the bottom-up efforts of entrepreneurs. 

Whether through groundbreaking innovations or simply finding ways to utilize resources more efficiently, “as the circle of technology expands its reach, so too does the perimeter of what’s possible.” 

Indeed, there’s a fantastic field of opportunities out there for those of us looking to profitably navigate this current Age of Disruption. And talking to people in the mix makes for a great way to stay abreast of as many of those opportunities as possible. 

A couple of weeks ago, while attending a Pendry Cannon conference, I had the pleasure of speaking to one such individual – Indranil Ghosh. 

Indranil got his PhD in Chemistry from MIT. And after many years working as a consultant for McKinsey and Co. and a stint at Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater – the largest hedge fund manager on the planet – he ended up as Head of Strategy for Abu Dhabi’s Sovereign Investment and Development Fund, Mubadala. 

He now focuses full-time on investing in projects and companies developing renewable energy and clean fuels, distributed energy solutions, technologies to decarbonize manufacturing, cutting edge agricultural technologies such as regenerative and vertical farming. 

I’ll be having more conversations with Indranil in the future, unpacking many of the investment themes and companies propelling the good face of the Age of Disruption forward. And I’ll share those with you as we move along. 

But for now, as an introduction to Indranil and the investment opportunities he’s working on, I want to share with you my first conversation with him. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

WRITTEN BY<br>Ileana Wolfort

Ileana Wolfort

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