“Was that just the top?” Market on knife’s edge waiting on NVDA… — 30 Minutes of Awesome

by | Feb 21, 2024


Markets are waffling… did we already hit the top? And will things come tumbling down when NVDA reports?

Find out what you need to know on today’s show, including:

  • @0:22 Should Jeffry buy the Tesla Cybertruck?

  • @8:17 SMCI – Interesting day. “Please, for the love of your money DON’T. Just dont.”

  • @10:23 NVDA – “We’re kind of extended if you haven’t gotten the memo.” Tune in for Jeffry’s downside target. — Plus a Cisco cautionary tale if you still need convincing. (easy come, easy go)

  • @15:13 WMT – Walmart is currently flying high with a stock split on the horizon, but beware! It’s coming down hard — tune in for downside target!

  • @16:20 S&P – We might get a relief rally, but we’re set up to go lower (4900??)

  • @17:56 Russell (IWM) – Could be another move down in the cards. Tune in for downside target!

  • @22:21 Diesel – Could it pop up to as much as $5?! Tune in for details.

  • @22:50 Natural Gas – is going the other way with a push down to $1.30 in the cards.

  • @23:16 NEM – “This is the kind of bounce you need as much time as you can. Either get shares or January 2026 contracts.” MASSIVE upside target on this measured bounce: from $33 all the way up to 700?!? It’s possible — Tune in for details!

  • @26:54 Bitcoin – It waffled most of the day. Might be time to load up.

  • @28:14 AMZN – “It’s cooked on the upside. $160 was my target from a year ago.” Pullback on the horizon… tune in down downside targets!

  • @28:36 MSFT – Also needs a pullback. Tune in for details.

  • @30:38 MCD – “Slow moving freight train” Tune in for upside targets (and boy are they UP!)

  • @33:30 SMCI – “It’s gonna come back at least halfway, if not all the way down to the Roadmap Line” Tune in for downside target!

  • @36:04 FAS – “Large upside potential!” From $93 all the way up to $1050!? Tune in to hear Jeffry’s take.

  • @38:02 GOOG – Downside targets as low as $100 if the market really gets bearish!

  • @40:09 METANo high-probability path right now. “That’s why I’m not trading META

  • @41:44 TSLA – Multiple overhead resistance zones… Downside target as low as $127 ($150s more likely)

  • @49:20 Z – Zillow still working on the downward path Jeffry outlined. Tune in for targets!

  • @50:44 MARA – Could hit $19-20 downside target before the Bitcoin halving excitement really starts ramping up. Meanwhile all-time Bitcoin highs could come around December!

  • @52:55 MSTR – After touching Jeffry’s upside $800 target, it immediately retraced. Tune in for next upside targets!

  • @54:00 COST – inches away from Jeffry’s upside $730 target. Once it does, stay away — there’s no next high-probability move.

  • @55:23 TSM – “That’s probably reaching the limit. A retrace back to about $100 would be what expect.”

  • @57:10 GDXJ & GDX – “These gold miners don’t look too hot. That’s specifically why I’m in NEM.” (See massive upside target at the start of the episode)

  • @1:01:53 SWBI – “Years long pattern… Got my shares at $9. Could hit $70 or go ridiculous all the way to $275!” (caution, could take YEARS!)

  • @1:04:30 PANW – Currently at $366… downside targets of $291 or lower!!

  • @1:08:12 BITO – Currently at $24… long term (late 2025) target as high as $95. Tune in for details!

  • @1:11:05 ULTA – “Probably on the pathway to $605… possibly $669″ (from current price of $541!)

  • @1:13:00 CCL – “If we get below $14.70 area…” Look out below! (but there’s an upside target as well — tune in for details!)

  • @1:14:41 NFLX – “Probably looking at a retrace from here.” (target around $501)

  • @1:15:57 SNOW – “If it moves down here to $100, I’m buying the crap out of this!”

And so much more we didn’t cover… MRNASKYWEthereumSOUNCLSKVRT and more!

Tune in to get key levels!

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— The Jeffry Turnmire Trading Team

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