“This is gonna end so poorly” — 30 Minutes of Awesome

by | Feb 14, 2024


Earnings continue, but CPI has taken center stage… With inflation stubbornly hanging on, major indexes sold off almost 2% before recovering slightly.

Is this the start of a crash?

Find out what you need to know on today’s show, including:

  • @ 4:24 – (S5FI) The percentage of S&P 500 stocks propping up this rally keeps shrinking… and a narrow rally means an unhealthy market. Beware!
  • @ 5:55SMCI shrugged off the CPI report and pushed higher today. But if you think that’s a sign of strength, you have another thing coming → Jeffry warns: “This is gonna end so poorly.

  • @ 6:10 – (NVDA) Speaking of irrationally exuberant stocks, if you missed NVDA’s amazing bull run, don’t get FOMO (fear of missing out) now… The juice is gone.
  • @ 8:08 – (SPX) Jeffry’s had a 5150 target on this for a while. And it looks like it could happen. Heck, it might even blow through that. “This thing could keep being ridiculous.”
  • @ 10:08 – CPI came in hot… and those rate cuts the market’s been expecting? Yeah, they could be sidelined until further notice. PPI comes out this Friday…

  • @ 14:25 – On manufacturing: “Besides Covid, this is one of the worst times”
  • @ 16:22Nasdaq 100: So far the pullback is just an echo of prior moves. This puts us on track to hit the 18,400 target Jeffry’s had on his chart a while now

  • @ 17:25 – Russell 2000 (IWM) – That was NOT an echo. That one reversed hard.  “A big red candle right off the resistance… “ Tune in for upside bounce, then several downside targets!
  • @ 19:33 – Crude oil: “Kind of strong today…” Could be headed to the 86 – 90 area!

  • @ 20:50 – Get ready to pay more at the pump: Gas spikes and it could be headed even higher!

  • @ 22:15 – Home heating oil (CRAK): “That could push us into a recession right there… in fact, that combined with rates… could push us into a greater depression” (a coming 10 year depression is something Jeffry’s warned about several times over the past few years)

  • @ 26:16Gold futures: “continuing on the path lower”

  • @ 30:07 – (AMZN) “a retrace would be a really nice place to load up to load up for the long term to a mega run higher” Tune in for key levels!

  • @ 31:38 – (MSTR) “chugging higher… 800, 900 upside targets. Possibly 1080

  • @ 35:37 – (SMCI) “SMCI is at ludicrous levels. But the ultimate ludicrous level is up here at 1100…” If we get to that point, Jeffry will be loading up on $700 or $800 puts. Remember Gamestop (GME)? SMCI looks just like that.

  • @ 37:55 – (NVDA) “It would not surprise me if it came back into this 300-400 area.

  • @ 38:23 –  (MARA) “Working on a breakout… 35 & 41 are the upside targets… and I’ve got way bigger targets — triple digits

  • @ 38:59Bitcoin: “If it breaks out above 52,000, it could go for the all time high

  • @ 42:07 – Robinhood (HOOD): “These guys actually hold as much Bitcoin as Microstrategy (MSTR)… but they won’t say who they’re holding it for

  • @ 42:39 – Disney (DIS) “working on a nice reversal… upside resistance at 116-117 area

  • @ 42:58UPS “been looking pretty crap… going down in a blaze of glory” Tune in for downside target!

  • @ 42:22CAT ripped higher — bounced right where Jeffry drew his resistance!

  • @ 47:52CBRL: “I would bet down… they’re running at a loss” And it could come during next week’s earnings report!

  • @ 49:38 – (DKNG) Upside targets of 44 and 48, but it could also break down to about 33

  • @ 52:55 – (URNM) Likely to retrace to 44 – 51, then pop off higher

  • @ 55:58 – American Express (AXP): Expected to top out at 216, or possibly 239

  • @ 58:00 – (ACGL) Could head down to $65 area

  • @ 1:01:31- (ANET) “Watch out below!” Anything that’s gone parabolic on the way up is likely to do the same thing on the way down. (ANET, NVDA, SMCI among others)

  • @ 1:03:50 – (ABNB) “I’m not as super bullish on ABNB as I was before” But it could go up to 165, bounce down and then setup for a mega jump higher! (Tune in for exact targets!)

  • @ 1:05:50 – (RBLX) “9 times it’s tried to break through this level. It’s probably going down

  • @ 1:07:33 – (VIX) “doesn’t play by the same rules as everybody else … I was expecting something in the 15-20 area and today qualified. That may be it until we retrace and get the next one

  • @ 1:10:03 – (ARM) “has been doing that ridiculous thing … and I expect it to come back down…” Tune in for THIS key level!

And so much more we didn’t cover: Zillow (Z), Harley Davidson (HOG), US Steel (X), Zoom (ZM), Avis (CAR), Domino’s Pizza (DPZ

Tune in to get key levels!

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— The Jeffry Turnmire Trading Team



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