The Apollo Algo Is HERE — and Setting Up This Week’s Light Trading Action

by | Jul 1, 2024

>>>Trade my brand-new Apollo algo alongside myself, Graham, Lance and Nate during the world premiere — LIVE at 1 p.m. ET TODAY!<<<

Later today, I’m launching a brand-new trading algo called Apollo. So during Monday’s “Morning Monster,” — live weekdays at 9:15 a.m. ET on my YouTube channel! — I’ll give you a little teaser of what’s in store, and how it’s been performing….

Along with what it actually DOES!  

Plus, as always, we have stocks popping and dropping this morning, so come find out what’s moving as I look for stocks, and do some live premarket analysis on SPX, SPY, NDX, QQQ, Russell,  IWM and other stocks that are potential plays for the day!

P.S. World Premiere! Login This Afternoon to See My Apollo Algo for the Very First Time! 

It’s FINALLY almost time for the world premiere of my brand new smart algo: Apollo!

I’ll be LIVE — with friends — at 1 p.m. ET TODAY, July 1 for the big event!

That’s when I’ll sit down with Lance Ippolito, Graham Lindman and Nate Tucci to not only reveal the details behind this new algo, and how YOU can start trading with it as early as today… 

But we’ll also be trading the Apollo algo LIVE together! 

While I can’t promise future wins or against losses, if you want to place some trades alongside us and see this smart tool in action for the very first time… 

Join us inside the webinar room for the Apollo Algo world premiere!

Just Join Us Here By 1 p.m. ET!

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