SPX to go HIGHER!? — 30 Minutes of Awesome

by | Mar 26, 2024


  • 5:25 — Markets CLOSED Friday – Get your affairs in order. Options expire Thursday this week! Plus, PCE comes out on Friday while markets are closed!

  • 7:14 — SPX to go HIGHER!? – Jeffry expects the S&P will push lower into Wednesday, but if it finds support above 5190, it could turn around and go HIGHER… possibly a NEW ALL TIME HIGH!?

  • 10:07 — DJT  – “Going lower more than likely… IPOs are typically NOT bullish” Tune in for key levels to watch!

  • 12:18 — Nasdaq 100 – Showing weakness… testing the bottom of the channel it’s been in all year… If it breaks below, watch out for a bigger correction down below 17,000?!?

  • 12:45 — IWM – Russell 2000 showing some weakness… “That’s a rejection to going higher.” Watch out for a break down to support at 2040. If we get below that, look out for a move down to the 1950 area.

  • 14:24 — Gasoline prices higher?! “That’s looking like a potential breakout here…” A break above $2.75 could see wholesale gas going as high as $3.40!

  • 19:18 — Gold – A correction down to 2130…!?

  • 25:417 — Bitcoin – So, 70% odds we’re going right up here… Tune in for key upside level!

  • 28:08 — FCX – “Same bearish setup” — A move below ~$44 would indicate FCX is going on down!

  • 34:12 — MARA – Still working on a consolidation… Might see further downside if we don’t hold THIS key level… tune in details! “I don’t really expect a lot of action till after the halving”

  • 39:09 — FL – Early preview to Jeffry’s Chart of the Week! Conservative entry above $31 — with upside targets as high as $47.50. Tune in for key details!


Plus Silver, TSLA, Copper, CVNA, GM, MS and tons more!

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— The Jeffry Turnmire Trading Team



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