S&P Blackout + 3 Massive Potential Movers — 30 Minutes of Awesome

by | Mar 20, 2024


  • 1:27 — S&P Blackout – We’re entering the period when insiders can’t buy or sell, nor can companies do buybacks until AFTER EARNINGS

  • 5:30 — Rates could go UP!? – As usual, Jeffry’s talking about the thing no one else has caught onto yet. He look at the DGS2 and shows us why The Fed might have to RAISE rates before they go lower!

  • 10:22 — Money flow – Jeffry told us what we can expect in terms of money flow for the coming month: First it’ll hit financials in the beginning of the month, then big tech in the latter half, then it’ll disperse to multiple different areas. He even showed us how looking at FAS at the start of each quarter, you can see that flow into financials.

  • 16:30 — S&P and Nasdaq – Could we see a big upside pop after the Fed announcement… before they both roll over? “There’s only so much more runway we can go before this starts unraveling”

  • 17:23 — What if…? – S&P to 5500? NVDA becomes the biggest company in the land? It could happen (but then watch out below!)

  • 18:58 — Russell 2000 “Less enthusiastic price action… Not so sure the small caps are going to participate if we see a rally”

  • 19:42 — Oil – If it can hit 90, then pull back, that sets up a VERY bullish move later this year… multiple targets as high as 170.

  • 21:47 — RB1!Gasoline futures – taking off. It just needs to get above a few more prior highs and “this thing can run like a banshee” — Could we be paying more than $6 at the pump sooner than later?

  • 24:58 — Gold – Indecisive on the smaller time frames. “If we can break through some upside resistance and quit making lower highs, I’ve got my eye on that one.”

  • 26:09 — Silver – Needs a break after such a big, bullish move. Then watch out for wild upside potential. Tune in for key levels!

  • 29:29 — MARA – “MARA has done one of my favorite patterns… A move through $22.60 is the aggressive entry…” Then watch out for upside targets as high as $44. Tune in for details!

  • 38:00 — BUD – A long term play Jeffry’s been in since last summer. It’s been retracing, but if it can move up above some key downtrend lines, watch for this stock to go up possibly as high as $90 in the long term. Key words: long term!

  • 39:01 — NVDA – A breakdown below the Roadmap Line could see this revisiting its previous breakout point of $300. Cautionary tale: While it’s within striking distance of being the biggest company in the world, plenty of others have done the same thing (CSCO, XOM) only to come crashing down. Be careful!

  • 42:42 — SMCI – Did Goldman pump and dump? A few weeks ago, Goldman upgraded SMCI to a $940 target. Lo and behold, yesterday they announced a new stock offering, of which they were the only underwriter. “Beware, dilutions are NOT bullish.” Could see a retrace back to the 500s or even the 200s!

  • 46:10 — AAPL – Expect one more flush down to the $160 area. Then we can look at some upside targets.

  • 47:16 — DKNG – Keeps bouncing off the 1.618 Fibonacci level. Could break down to the #34 to $36 level

  • 54:00 — FVRR “Going down in a blaze of glory” Downside target of $17!

  • 55:04 — HOOD – Upside target of $25!

  • 55:15 — SMH – Just tagged the upside target Jeffry’s had for a while… Look out for a retrace to $175 – $187.

  • 57:30 — DVN – Another one that tagged the target and bounced upward. It’s hitting a resistance zone now. If it can get above these key levels, look out for $63 – $66.
  • 1:02:56 — 3 tickers with MASSIVE long term potential: SWBI, TGLS and NEM. Best to play these with shares. Tune in for details!

Plus SYK, PATH, TSLA, AMD and tons more!

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— The Jeffry Turnmire Trading Team



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