MSFT & GOOG Earnings + Fed Rate Raises — 30 Minutes of Awesome

by | Jul 25, 2023


Every Tuesday after market close, I go live with “30 Minutes of Awesome” — the weekly show where I cover what’s happening in the markets and take at least 30 minutes of your requests.

Today, I looked at the reaction to the MSFT and GOOG earnings.

And with this week’s Fed meeting ending with a possible rate hike, I discuss why the Fed’s misguided rate hikes could be doing more harm than good.

Did you know they’re deciding what the rate hike will be by looking at last month’s data — but it takes 2 full years for a rate hike to work its way through the economy? That’s like driving with your eyes in the rear view mirror.

Fun times.

— Jeffry Turnmire

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