Did You Miss The 91% Off Sale?

by | Jun 3, 2024

Our condolences if you missed the massive 91% off sale…

It took place just 3 weeks ago… and the lucky winner of a foreclosure auction was able to nab the tallest building in Forth Worth, TX for about 9¢ on the dollar.

A photo of Burnett Plaza in Forth Worth, TX with the text "The tallest building in Forth Worth, TX — 40-story Burnett Plaza — was auctioned off at a foreclosure auction for $12.3 million… 3 years after it sold for $137.5 million.

Forth Worth’s 40-story Burnett Plaza went up for auction after its owner, Burnett Cherry Street LLC, defaulted on a $13 million loan used to purchase the building in 2021.

The winning bid came from the lender, Pinnacle Bank Texas.

As always, Jeffry has been looking in places the mainstream media and talking heads are just getting around to thinking about….

And he’s warned us several times over the past year about the looming Commercial Real Estate problem.

Catch one such warning in this February 12th episode of Morning Monster.

If Jeffry’s prediction plays out fully, you might want to start saving your nickels… you could end up with a skyscraper of your own sooner than you think!

— The Jeffry Turnmire Trading Team


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