Crypto FOMO? — 30 Minutes of Awesome

by | Feb 27, 2024


  • 1:00 — Crypto collectively passed $2 Trillion market cap; Bitcoin rocking and rolling the last few days

  • 7:38 — Bitcoin is rocking. Is this the FOMO rally? It’s a few days early according to Jeffry’s prediction

  • 10:45 — MSTR – Hit Jeffry’s targets nearly perfectly. And there’s still one potential upside target left! Tune in for details.

  • 11:47 — MARA – Another series of perfect targets hit. And it looks like it could hit another upside target. But don’t expect a big move on earnings. Tune in to find out why!

  • 14:45 — WEN – Wendy’s fast food chain is in the “death spiral”. Is this why they’re testing new “surge pricing?”

  • 15:37 — SMCI – Huge downside potential. This stock surged over 250% since the start of the year. And just days after Jeffry warned it was due for a crash, it slammed down 20%+ in a single day. It’s since risen, but there’s still tons of tradeable downside potential. Tune in for details!

  • 17:51 — S&P Futures – Possibly a small pop to go up to 5150… and then downside?

  • 20:35 — S5TH – The importance of this huge “market oscillator” and what it’s telling us about a potential market drop.

  • 26:12 — Gold futures – hanging out at a key resistance level. If it breaks through, we could see upside targets of 2100, 2130 and maybe even 2200 or beyond! Tune in for details.

  • 31:10 — NEM – It’s been down into the abyss for this gold miner. But it’s hitting a key support level, and if it holds there’s a big, big, BIG long term bounce on the charts. From 30 all the way up to possibly 120 or beyond? Tune in for details — do NOT miss this one!

  • 32:07 — AMZN – Needs a retrace and then some big upside potential. Tune in for key levels!

  • 36:07 — ROKU – No upside potential. This stock continues to the downside. Jeffry expects a slight retrace up to 72 and then a continuation of the bearish pattern down to 55.

  • 38:33 — PANW – Don’t let this stock’s recovery fool you. Big downside target in the charts. Tune in for details!

  • 42:55 — AVGO – Looking like it wants a retrace of that giant move up. Beware as it reports earnings next week.

  • 46:59 — TGLS – Long term bullish on this one. Upside targets ranging from 66 through 90 or beyond! Tune in for details!

  • 48:35 — CVNA – Popping upward, but expect a retrace. Might hit 100 before it does so. Tune in for details!

  • 53:38 — BUD – Jeffry’s got a long term bullish position on this, out to 2025 based on a Measured Bounce setup. Potential upside targets of 80 or even 90. Beware strong resistance at the 67 level.

  • 59:25 — BABA – Working on a bottom. It’s got to get above the Roadmap Line before any upside becomes a high probability. Tune in to hear what he’s got to say about when companies start paying a dividend.

  • 1:04:10 — MSFT – Looks like it’s heading down to the Roadmap Line.

  • 1:05:55 — NVDA – The company is overextended. And while it could still have upside left, the downside risk is greater than the upside potential. Translation: Stay away. Anything else — whether long or short — is a gamble.

  • 1:08:53 — AAPL – Stuck on the Roadmap Line. Tune in for key support and resistance levels to find out where the breakout or breakdown could be.

  • 1:14:17 — BYND – Dumpster fire stock. Needs a reverse split. Stay away.

  • 1:15:36 — COST – It went right to Jeffry’s upside target. If you were in, take profits. If not, don’t trade it. There’s no high-probability setup at this point.

Plus MCD, TSM, TSLA, AMD and tons more!

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— The Jeffry Turnmire Trading Team



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