“…borderline dumpster fire for something that probably isn’t going out of business” — 30 Minutes of Awesome

by | Feb 7, 2024


Tons of earnings, but it’s not until next week that we get the big economic news: CPI and PPI!

Until then… PLENTY of opportunities for those in the know:

  • @ 0:42 Tesla “Foundation Edition” Cybertruck first impressions!

  • @ 5:45 Rundown of a massive earnings week!

  • @ 10:58 The S&P keeps making ridiculous highs… “signs of instability!

  • @ 11:34 Same with the NasdaqBE CAREFUL: “this is indicative of hunting for a top… one of these pops is going to be the last pop!

  • @ 12:45 on the Russell: “we need one final flush out and this correction can be done…” watch out for THIS KEY LEVEL!

  • @ 13:37 S&P is headed right for the target Jeffry’s had for a while now (5000 to 5200). Could we grind higher? Sure… but it’s not a high-probability event. (look out below!)

  • @ 16:00 “highly cautious on oil right now becuase it looks like we have a downside move…”

  • @ 17:30 “if you drive something diesel… it’s looking pretty bullish — we may see some higher prices [at the pump]

  • @ 17:51 Natural Gas: “Don’t you love it when a prediction comes to pass? … Sometimes I get lucky.”

  • @ 19:13 Gold: “we need a flush out lower than December’s lows… then we can go higher on gold finally”

  • @ 22:08 Bitcoin: “the halving is coming up in about 72 days… we might see people trying to get in before the halving… but here’s the thing… it typically takes 3-6 months to find a bottom after the halving…” (watch for LOTS of detail)

  • @ 31:00 Pfizer (PFE): “That’s a borderline dumpster fire for something that probably isn’t going to go out of business” — Tune in for Jeffry’s next downside target!

  • @ 31:41 MercadoLibre (MELI): “That one just keeps on rocking” Jeffry shares his next 2 UPSIDE targets!

  • @ 32:18 Nvidia (NVDA): “Starting to show the cracks…

  • @ 34:46 Roku (ROKU): “Beautiful bounce off the RoadMap line…” Tune in for KEY BUY LEVEL and next upside target! (plus key breakdown level to watch out for!)

  • @ 37:26 Ford (F): “Not the most bullish price action with these lower highs… Interest rates really plaguing the car industry.” Watch for Jeffry’s “flush out” key level!

  • @ 41:35 Flutter Entertainment (FLUT): Watch for a slightly higher high, a retrace and then a potential bounce to a big new high – Jeffry shares exact key levels

  • @ 42:50 Fortinet (FTNT): Could be setting up for an 70% jump!

  • @ 43:15 Broadcom (AVGO): “Just keeps crushing it on the upside targets… at some point it’s going to run out of juice and do this big long retrace just like it did before” — Watch this market “echo” to spot the bottom!

  • @ 45:40 Apple (AAPL): “Sideways is the expectation”

  • @ 48:25 Walmart (WMT): “The target’s right there: $175” … Then look out below!

  • @ 51:25 Super Micro Computer (SMCI): “It’s at ludicrous levels. How much higher can it go?” If it hits THIS key level, Jeffry will be buying $800 puts as SMCI crashes back to earth!

  • @ 1:01:15 Nike (NKE): “Set your alerts at 96. It’ll probably come down to 72” — Watch now for full analysis!

  • @ 1:04:28 Occidental Petroleum (OXY): “We’re back in the Buffett buy zone… Will he buy again?” Tune in for Jeffry’s downside target.

  • @ 1:06:25 Snowflake Inc (SNOW): “It looks like it needs another flush” Tune in for downside target! … then it could zoom upward!

  • @ 1:11:40 Boeing (BA): “Still expect it lower…” Tune in for Jeffry’s downside target!

  • @ 1:16:40 Smith & Wesson (SWBI): “Short term, it’s pretty choppy. Long term it’s pretty bullish.” Watch for Jeffry’s key resistance level… after which it’s off to the races… potential 7x SPIKE?!

  • @ 1:18:05 Palantir (PLTR): “70% likely to hit $23” Watch for full details & analysis!

  • @ 1:23:18 iShares MSCI Brazil ETF (EWZ): “I bought into this one today and didn’t tell anybody… except right here on YouTube!”

Plus, so much more we didn’t cover. Watch the whole show for more details!

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— The Jeffry Turnmire Trading Team

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