Bitcoin Halving, Tech Earnings & the TSLA Curse — 30 Minutes of Awesome

by | Apr 17, 2024


  • 0:45 — The Bitcoin Halving is  here! Jeffry breaks down what it all means!

  • 17:25 — SPX needs a push lower before we get a corrective move back up… before one final big flush LOWER! Tune in for details!

  • 22:16 — Gas prices going much higher! Keep your eyes peeled for prices as high as $5 per gallon WHOLESALE!
  • 24:22 — Gold has been ROCKETING higher! What’s next for the shiny metal?

  • 26:50 — Deep dive into Bitcoin prices! Some surprise predictions as Bitcoin enters its historic post-halving rally phase!

  • 42:55 — TSLA hits Jeffry’s target. Could this Mag 7 loser finally turn it around? Watch for earnings next week!

  • 54:25 — MARA has been sinking… but it’s all part of the plan! Big picture pattern in effect! Tune in for details! (as  high as $100/share!?)

  • 1:02:30 — AAPL continues to sink… Jeffry predicts several downside targets before we see a turnaround!

  • 1:07:50 — NEM this monster gold miner is setting up for MAJOR upside. But watch for some turbulence before it hits the REALLY BIG targets!

  • 1:09:03 — TGLS “The path is up”… and Jeffry’s got a BIG HONKIN upside target on this one!

Plus MU, Silver, Oil, SBUX, and tons more!

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— The Jeffry Turnmire Trading Team

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