NFLX – Chart of the Week for January 25, 2024

by | Jan 24, 2024

This week, I’m doing something a little different than our usual ‘upcoming trade opportunity’.

Instead, I’m looking back to examine a recently completed, highly-successful trade on NFLX.

To be 100% clear: This trade opportunity has closed. I’m sharing it with you this week so you can see how I spotted it so you can see the power of the Roadmap setup.


This Week’s Chart

This week’s Chart of the Week is Netflix (NFLX).

NFLX had left a giant gap down on it’s first earnings report of 2022 in January. (orange box on the chart linked down below)

Starting sometime in January 2023 I started looking for NFLX to go back up and fill the gap around $510.

As we raced higher in July 2023 — I was thinking “well I missed my chance”.

Then NFLX did something I did not really expect. It did a full retrace to the 3-day Roadmap line and found support in October 2023.

The big green candle shot up like the big bullish reversal candle it is on this 3-day chart. (the long green candle in the middle of October)

I took my entry at $401, buying shares because I wasn’t sure how long the move would take. If you had been tuning in to the Morning Monster livestreams I do on YouTube every day, you might have heard me talk about this as it unfolded. I spoke about it many times throughout 2023.

My original exit was going to be $505 (a conservative target that would close out my trade before the gap was filled.)

As a side note: Coming off the lows, I got jammed up in an unrelated margin call and and had to liquidate 4 of the 5 shares I had bought. (another story, but we all goof up sometimes).

Monday afternoon, (January 22) one trading day before NFLX was to report earnings, I carefully looked at the chart and thought to myself “this has 70% odds of hitting $523 and about 40% odds of hitting $571 after earnings.”

With that thought, I decided to split the difference and revised my exit order, upping it from $505 to $550.

NFLX reported earnings Tuesday after the close and immediately spiked up to $528.

By Wednesday morning’s open, it had continued rising steadily, opening at $538.

Throughout the morning it kept rising. My order closed automatically when NFLX hit $550 per share.

NFLX peaked at $562.50 after backing off and ending the day at $544.

I got lucky and made about 35% gains on this trade that I had open for 3 months. Not bad for shares.


The Chart

You can go check out my chart marked up with notes (entries, targets, etc) right here:

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Hope to see you there.

— Jeffry Turnmire


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