MSTR – Chart of the Week for October 24, 2023

by | Oct 24, 2023

I’m back with this week’s Chart of the Week!

This week’s chart set up a little earlier than normal, so enjoy!


This Week’s Chart

MSTR did a perfect extension higher back on the last move up off the Roadmap Line, moved up into exhaustion then went right back down making another bounce off that line.

Today we are seeing a move up above the 61.8% level and if we can maintain a daily close above $415 that is a signal for an entry.

Stop would be below the last low around $300.

The conservative target is up at $520, and an aggressive target is up at $580. Remember to move your stop up above the entry once we approach that prior high around the $460-475 area (sooner if you are more conservative)

You can check out this TradingView chart for reference:

Good Luck!


— Jeffry Turnmire
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Jeffry Turnmire

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