MSFT – Chart of the Week for October 11, 2023

by | Oct 11, 2023

Hello valued reader,

I’m starting a new feature for my text alert subscribers. If you’ve given me your cell phone # to get alerted when I go live for events and other things, I’m going to start sending you my Chart of the Week every Wednesday.


Why Wednesday?

Well, at the beginning of each week, before markets even open, I sift through hundreds of charts to find the week’s best opportunities using my Market Roadmap tool. Each week is different, but I usually find between 10 and 30 charts with potential.

Just because they’re on that list doesn’t mean they are going to skyrocket. So I like to give them a couple of days to see which one taking the best shape.

This is why I’m choosing to send you the Chart of the Week on Wednesday. It’s the best way I have to give you that week’s top opportunity.


This Week’s Chart

MSFT has a really nice Market Road Map type setup.

The entry would be on a move up through $346 with a conservative target around $380.

Stop would be down below $305 initially and then moved up above the entry at $346 once MSFT moves up to the $366 area.

The correction took roughly 2 months, and a good rule of thumb is to allow up to 3x longer for a move like this to play out. So that puts us at 3-6 months out if this move does happen.

You can check out this TradingView chart for reference:

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— Jeffry Turnmire
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