DOCU – Chart of the Week for March 8, 2024

by | Mar 8, 2024

Chart of the week this week is DOCU.

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Ok, now onto this week’s epic chart…

This Week’s Chart

DOCU has made a bottom back in November 2023 and then had a nice move up, but that move seems to have run out of steam in late January 2024.

DOCU then quickly moved down to support at my orange line which I call the Roadmap Line (RML)*.  This retrace also coincided with a 61.8% retrace of that move up (not shown).

The aggressive entry is here where we are now around $56.

Then more conservative entry would be on a daily chart candle close above the high DOCU made today Friday, March 8, 2024, or around $59-60.

The super conservative target is the prior high from late January, or about $63-$64.

The standard target that is around 70% likely to be hit AFTER we get the conservative entry is sitting at $68.

The aggressive target would be up to around $74.

The pattern breaks down on a move down below $46.

Consider setting a stop or calling it quits on a sustained move below that price.

The Chart

You can go check out my chart marked up with notes (entries, targets, etc) right here:

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— Jeffry Turnmire


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Jeffry Turnmire

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