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The Age of Disruption is upon us.

One day markets rally higher…

The next, they give it all back — and then some

What's a smart trade to do in times like this?

Hang on tight! Markets have entered a new era…

Gone are the "ever upward" markets of yesteryear…

Passive investing and "buy and hold" strategies can no longer work in markets like this.

To keep up — and learn how you could position yourself to turn these markets to your advantage — you need a guide.

The ProsperityPub Telegram Channel is an interactive, two-way conversation where I can keep you up-to-date on the latest market rumblings, share with you new trade ideas, and help you understand the best ways to put these chaotic markets to work for you.

The pace of change and the flow of information seem endless nowadays. But if you “tune out” and hope for the best… you could find yourself on the wrong side of the market.

Join me as I break down the day’s trends and show you how you could position yourself to profit from the new era of Fringe Markets.

Like these recent recommendations I made on XSP that turned into 211% and 108% gains, respectively:

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Don Yocham

Senior Strategist at ProsperityPub

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